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Hear directly from Allegra's clients!


Julie Plotz Brimhall

Phoenix, AZ

Pi exceeded my expectations when she came to perform at my wedding. She was so easy to work with and had the best outfits and choreography. Everyone thought it was the real Britney Spears! She was so nice and did meet and greets with all of my guests. People are still talking about how epic Pi was and I got married 3 months ago! You are incredibly talented and I had the best time dancing with you onstage! It was a dream come true! You are the real deal! You’re “Stronger” than yesterday. You’re “Toxic” in the best possible way. And if there’s only one thing left to say about you and your dancing, it’s this: “Gimme Gimme More.” Thanks for making my wedding reception the best ever!


Victoria G.

Los Angeles, CA

Pi was absolutely phenomenal for my birthday celebration. Not only was she so easy to coordinate with, I was over the moon for her performances with her immaculate Britney choreography and glam. It was the cherry on top of the evening making it unforgettable, and my friends and family loved her. She was so awesome, I highly recommend her and look forward to catching another performance in the future!”

Meghan and Jessica

Cherry Valley, CA

Pi was the highlight of our wedding reception, she looks and dances so much like Britney that guests told us they had to do a triple take because they thought she was THE Britney. As an entertainer, there is no one better. And as a person, she’s truly a sweetheart.keep on working hard for your dreams because you’ve got this! Much love


Jessie J.

Los Angeles, CA

I just wanted to let you know that it was truly a pleasure meeting you at the show. You have a special light that surrounds you. That light that surrounds you when you perform, it’s like somebody’s looking out for you and is so happy to see you perform. You shine like a star !!⭐️ not only do I admire you, but I also admire your mother.💚
keep on working hard for your dreams because you’ve got this! Much love

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